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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Design Thinking

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Design Research: What do Mattress Pads, Music Festivals & Medical Devices all have in common?

Beginning with the key differences between Market Research and Design Research this talk will walk participants through a full Design Research cycle. Participants will enjoy and learn from disparate and dynamic case studies that are in the physical product, digital product and even medical device world.


Sara Frailich

CEO Innovation Anthropologist

Design Research Collective Inc

Anthropologist leading research, insights and innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies with experience facilitating hundreds of Ethnographic & Design Research studies around the globe. After years of insights leadership at Target, Sara co-founded the Design Research Collective, a team of experts and artists that combine the Power of Insight with the Magic of Design. In addition to teaching workshops and trainings on Design Research methods, Sara guides companies such as Medtronic, Polaris, Allina Health, and more through the Design Research process from Insights to product Innovation. The Design Research method can be applied to products (both digital and physical), marketing and strategy work. She is an expert and trainer in the following tools and techniques: Ethnography, Rapid and Lean Prototyping, Innovation Sprints, Shop Alongs, Intercepts, Insights Storytelling, Qualitative Research, Service Design, Hybrid Qualitative, Contextual Inquiry, Usability, UX, Experience Design,


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