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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Career Development

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Connect, Network and Find Mentorship in the Remote Working Environment

It's harder than ever to form connections, broaden your network and find mentorship. As product managers we all know how important our network truly is, when it comes to our customer relationships, colleagues to bounce ideas off of and mentors who are always there to challenge the way we approach a problem. In this session I will teach you my unconventional way to form quick connections, expand your network and find mentorship in this remote environment.

Aaron Kesler

Sr. Product Manager

Blue Cross NC

Aaron is an entrepreneur, certified product manager and overall product enthusiast. Currently a Senior Product Manager at Blue Cross NC, he is working on new product development and developing product best practices across the Data and Analytics division of Blue Cross. Outside of work, Aaron is about to publish his first book about product management and how to break into it.


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