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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Entrepreneurship / start-up

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Collaborative Discussion - Bootstraping Product strategy, activities and tools for the early-stage startup

A collaborative discussion about how to be an effective, impactful product leader within the confines of an early stage start-up, particularly when you're not the founder. The goal of the workshop / discussion would be to collectively propose a draft decision tree of strategies and activities that could guide a early start-up teams that yield the most impact.


Graham Roe

Product Leader

Interlaced Solutions

Graham's Bio: I am a curious, creative entrepreneur who thrives at the intersection of product management and business development, listening for market pain points that customers are delighted to invest in. I do this by building strong relationships and listening to the stories of those who buy, use and build the product. As a helper of people and solver of problems I have always been a product manager at heart. I recently finished up a two contracts working with two small startups (at different stages) in the solar energy sector - I've become fascinated at the challenge of being the product leader yet not the founder and interestingly enough I haven't found a lot written on the topic. Most PM experts infer hiring product leaders once the founder is too busy to be the lead PM.


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