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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Development

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Bring Agility to product development: from field to express products

“Change is the only constant”. On the same lines, the change is the dominant force in every business today. With the ever-changing environment and challenges faced by the business it is even more important to come up with a pragmatic approach for product development and remain ahead of the competition at the same time. In line with this, we perform product value assessments develop rapid prototypes with a few development partners. This express product development helps in quick operationalization and development of final matured product which will reduce the risk of product failure and will help in development of an efficient final product incorporating best practices and feedback in the market.


Dwijendra Nath Dwivedi

EMEA AI and IOT Leader


DD is Artificial Intelligence evangelist and business analytics subject matter expert. He is leading Analytics & AI practice for EMEA at SAS and helps to enable organizations in effective digital transformations with applications of AI. He is a thought leader in bridging the gap between business needs and analytical enablers and to drive analytical thinking into successful business strategies. He is having over 17 years of experience in applying analytics across different industries. In the new role, he is building rapid solutions from successful engagements and experiences from field. So, he is not only responsible to conceive, develop and roll out rapid solutions but also insure continuous improvement for the same based on the engagements and market feedbacks.


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