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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Agile Sales Enablement For Greater Product Growth

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Sales enablement is the new growth for most mid-market product-centric companies post pandemic. It has rapidly evolved into a strategic, go-to-market function. This session identifies insights, methods, and tools used by leading companies to significantly increase product growth and adoption through agile sales enablement. The transition in sales enablement has been fueled by the realization that to achieve predictable revenue, occasional training is not enough. Instead, the modern sales enablement movement is driving innovation that can provide programs that are always-on, fully transparent, data-driven, and optimizable in real time. Join Hector Del Castillo as he discusses how to boost product growth and adoption by increasing sales enablement agility.

Hector Del Castillo

Chief Product Officer


Hector Del Castillo is Chief Product Officer of BoldPM, a product management and marketing consulting firm that inspires the next generation of product executives and leaders to turn ideas into valuable products customers love. Hector helps companies achieve smarter product outcomes resulting in over 26% increase in profitability. Connect with Hector: https://linkd.in/hdelcastillo


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