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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Agile Product Development – It Doesn’t Mean Scrum for Hardware

Throughout any Product Development program we must be agile and welcome change from learning as we progress. Scrum has proven an effective model for software development, but does it work well for physical products? Hardware development is different than software development - it matures through a series of iterations of the full product or sub-system. In this process the development projects go through 3 distinct phases with dramatically different levels of uncertainty and cost of change. In this presentation we will discuss how the project management mindset changes from the early Discovery Phase where we are understanding needs and developing concepts to the Detailing Phase where we are maturing the product and manufacturing process through a series of iterations and on to the Deployment Phase where we are preparing to realese the product to market.


Brian Cohn


Aspire Innovation

The motto of my alma mater is Meliora - ever better. I take that attitude into every situation and have applied it for over 30 years to improve product development and launch - from starting the first Quality Circle for engineering practices at a large aerospace company to running a project office to coaching for continuous improvement of the product development system from within a large international business to business company.


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