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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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User Experience (UI, UX, IxD)

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Affinity Mapping Your Way to Better Team and Stakeholder Alignment

Affinity maps are MAGICAL. They take reams of data and help us see patterns we wouldn't normally see. They help us get people on the same page, and they even help us turn ornery stakeholders into raving fans. Affinity maps are often thought of as tools for UX teams to synthesize research, but they are useful in many other situations, especially for team and stakeholder alignment. In this session, you'll learn: 1) How product teams can integrate affinity mapping into their processes 2) How to conduct an affinity mapping session and 3) How to develop insights from the affinity map so everyone feels heard.

Cindy Brummer

Creative Director

Standard Beagle

Cindy Brummer is Founder and Creative Director of Standard Beagle Studio, a user experience design consultancy in Austin. Cindy leads a small but mighty team of UX designers and software developers, helping clients make more delightful experiences for their customers. Cindy is certified in product management and works to align her team and stakeholders around each project, no matter what the product is -- whether it be a software application or feature for a website. Cindy is a sought-after mentor and speaks frequently on UX topics, design, and the intersection of product and UX. She earned a Master of Professional Studies in UX Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art and was selected as a Design Lead for The Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Hexcite Fellowship program. She i


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