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Friday, June 11

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Product Management

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5 Things to Know When Launching A New Digital Product At A Large Company

Launching a new digital product is always a fun and exciting challenge, but can come with additional layers of complexity at a large company. Inconsistent processes, competing priorities between departments, non-existent or legacy systems, and lack of clarity on roles & responsibilities are all challenges you may face as a product manager, program manager or business owner who is responsible for delivering a new digital product. I will share 5 key things to know and consider that I have learned from 20 years of launching digital products at large companies such as Comcast, Nokia/NAVTEQ, Align Technology, Scripps Networks and Advance Auto Parts. There is a lot of great information that is widely available on all things related to product management, process and building great products. This discussion will focus on some of the functional aspects and human skills needed to be successful when you are responsible for launching a new product at a large organization.


John Vecchione

Product Manager

Advance Auto Parts

My name is John Vecchione. I've built digital products for Comcast/NBC Sports, Nokia/NAVTEQ, Univision, Scripps Networks, Align Technology, and Advance Auto Parts, that serve millions of people. I love building products that bring people joy and make their lives better. In addition to my work as a product manager my wife, Natalie, and I launched FASD Hope in 2020 to provide awareness, information, and inspiration to people whose lives have been touched by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). We live with our family in the country in North Carolina where life is a little more simple but great.


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