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Friday, June 11

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Product Management

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3 Reasons To Put a Designer on Your Product Team

You know that saying about pictures and the thousand words that they replace. So, how do your picture-making skills measure up? As a product person, you may not have earned a living for your artistic abilities. Fortunately, there are individuals with a trained and educated eye for all things visual. This is your Designer and they can significantly improve your work. You’ll see this not only through better product artifacts but perhaps just as important, better communications with your stakeholders and ultimately better outcomes for your customers. In my session I’ll go over three, real-world examples of how you can leverage the product–design relationship, for better results. Beyond the obvious roles that UI/UX designers fill, product practitioners will learn other benefits that design-related skills bring to the product development process. Skills that will help you navigate resource bottlenecks, raise your chance of connecting & aligning with stakeholders, and delight your customers with unexpected clarity.


Kevin Yount

Product Owner

Flowers Foods

Kevin loves creating order from chaos, particularly so within the realm of digital products. Known for his thoughtful, introspective “product detective” work, he’s spent time across diverse industries like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and logistics & transportation. His engagements often involve elements of Business Intelligence (BI), data analytics & governance, and Internet of Things (IOT) monitoring. He has deep technology expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and digital mapping. Kevin resides in Charlotte, holds an engineering degree from Clemson University, an MBA from the University of Tennessee and multiple agile, product, cloud and change management certifications. He’s also a paddler, wanna-be landscape architect, Germanophile, husband and dad – but not


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