Supersonic Software Delivery through Experimentation

As far back as 1922, aeronautic experts knew how to travel at supersonic speeds, but not without the plane breaking apart and killing the pilot. That took another two and a half decades of experimentation. Have rapid advancements in continuous integration over the past quarter-century placed software delivery in a similar dilemma? In this workshop, Dean Peters will present evidence that this is indeed the case, begging the question “How do we rapidly deliver valuable software without breaking the product and killing the company?”

By showing how companies such as Netflix and Microsoft are breaking the sound barrier using feature flags to iterate safely and rapidly to deliver features of value, Dean will demonstrate how to power your decisions and delight your customers by aligning your product offerings on a feature-flag driven culture of experimentation.


Dean Peters is a product manager and recovering developer with a secret past life as an opera singer. He brings with him a broad range of experiences in areas of technology in both startup and enterprise settings. Prior to joining Citrix, Dean founded the original product team at SchoolDude, lead mobile development at McClatchy, and most recently served in the capacity of product manager at Aprimo in their implementation of search technologies while transitioning their on-prem clientele to SaaS. Prior to these experienced, Dean led the development of biometric and GIS solutions at Westat for the CDC’s NHanes program and at CDSI for INS and Border Patrol systems. Dean holds a masters of computer science from Hood College and a bachelors in music from East Carolina University.

Dean Peters
Principal Product Manager