Session Abstract

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™
Career Development

Storytelling Data for Influence - communicating your ‘why’ for team agreement

Data tells a story. Sometimes what seems an obvious next step to you from the data story, isn’t so obvious to someone else. How do you find product agreement and action when your manager, teammate, or customer doesn’t seem to understand? The potential for product delays and missed opportunities due to lack of understood data communication can plague teams, and bottom lines. 

Learn tips to craft your strategic data story with effective persuasion and influence.


Rachel Hinson


Hinson Strategic Consulting Group

Rachel Hinson is a natural storyteller and strategic, intuitive, decision-catalyst. Fascinated by data - the overt and hidden - and the science-backed behavior and movement of people to act on that data, she has been leading strategic accelerated growth, change management and turnaround efforts for global corporations and leaders for decades. Rachel is Dare to Lead™ trained - Brene Brown, certified in Design Thinking for Innovation and Google Analytics, with a degree in Journalism. She believes corporations, just like individuals, can learn to move from states of panic to states of peace, providing smarter, faster, better paths to peaceful profits.

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