Ready to grow internationally? Welcome to the world of localization

As a Russian-speaker living in the US and a bilingual copywriter, I have seen it all: National Association of Realtors proudly announcing that their portal is now accessible to all thanks to a handy GoogleTranslate plug-in, forms that do not accept different alphabets (in my case, Cyrillic), getting emails in English instead of the language I've set up my account in, text that spills out of it container so that I can't make any sense of the copy, and even a YouTube ad that suggests that all Russians have to say to the world is "Let's get drunk!".

In this interactive presentation we'll talk about different challenges of localizing and promoting your product in different languages - and ways in which you can make it work without making your target audience cringe or leave your website in frustration (bring your questions!) .


Ekaterina has been working as a journalist in Russian and as a freelance marketing translator in the US before focusing on copywriting and research-based localization. She is passionate about creating seamless, culturally-appropriate and engaging experiences for product users. In her book on localization into Russian, she discusses frequent localization issues: from not anticipating text expansion to ignoring local holidays and forgetting to take care of the whole funnel.

Ekaterina Howard
Pinwheel Translations