Product Manager Group Therapy

Working in product is hard, but it doesn’t have to drive you crazy. That’s where product management group therapy comes in. In this session, we’ll get to know each other while humorously identifying some of our more common pain points. We’ll then break into small groups engaging in fun trust building activities – different from any previous session you may have attended – followed with liberating structures guided discussions. In the end, you’ll not only feel the catharsis of addressing your needs as a person of product, but also you’ll see that you are not alone in what makes you anxious and that you have product friends and peers in your nearby community to help keep you focused on awesome value delivery.


Dean Peters is not a registered therapist, nor does he play one on TV. However, he has been involved in product management for nearly a decade and a half, augmenting his understanding via his prior experiences as both a software engineer and a professional opera singer. Dean currently works a principal product manager at Citrix working in the area of search, with prior experience in analytics, mobile, SaaS, biometrics, and GIS at Aprimo, McClatchy Interactive, Dude Solutions, Westat, and CDSI respectively. More about Dean can be found on his blog,

Dean Peters
Principal Product Manager