Process Automation Primer

Is your company looking to automate business processes and not sure where to start? Accelerate your efforts with these best practices from Vaporware. This talk includes:

- What processes to look at for cutting costs vs increasing quality or speed
- How to evaluate your processes for automation
- Getting started with automation
- 3 pitfalls most companies don't avoid
- Vaporware's best practices for 10x automation
- A case study of a Field Services company
- 5 self-service tools to get you started today


A trained Computer Scientist, Dan Moore co-founded Vaporware to help companies build the right software the right way. He has helped clients disrupt Healthcare, Staffing, Technology, and other industries with software starting with the first MVP version to modern iterations on mature solutions. With a strong belief that anyone can become the next SaaS leader, he helps business owners cut costs through process automation, reach new markets through modernization, and disrupt industries with innovative software.

Dan Moore
CEO, Product Lead