Objection Handling for Product Managers

An objection is “an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition” – and too often, our customers will have objections to our product.

Therefore, to be effective product managers, we need to know how to deal with customer objections and convince our customers to stick with us for the long term. This skill is called “objection handling.”


Clement Kao is a Co-Founder at Product Manager HQ, a community dedicated to providing career advice for aspiring product managers and experienced product managers. He's written 60+ best practice articles and has been a featured speaker and writer for more than 30 different organizations.

Outside of Product Manager HQ, Clement is also a Product Manager at Blend, a San Francisco-based startup that partners with lenders and technology providers to re-imagine consumer finance. In the last three years, Clement has launched four multi-million dollar products, and he's actively tackling new problem areas to unlock the next generation of multi-million dollar products.

Clement Kao
Product Manager HQ