Session Abstract

2018 Spring Conference
Career Development

Living in Your Zone of Genius

Learn how to trust yourself, stay focused and productive (out of overwhelm and in calm and clarity), and lead from your zone of genius. 

When I was a product manager, everyone thought I had it all together. I was wildly successful! But inside I was dying. Are you? Do you know how to ask for help? Do you have boundaries? Or do you say 'yes' to everyone except yourself? Do you beat yourself up at the end of everyday for all that did NOT get done? Okay, keep doing that. 

Or, let me show you another way. 

When you walk out of this session, you will know how to shift from “oh s**t” to “I know what to do next”. You will have tools to move confusion and distraction to clarity and peace. You will understand the importance of boundaries, intentions, and self-care in a whole new way. 

After my presentation, you will feel better, and you be more focused and productive. You will know the secret to making more strategic and better decisions. You will know how to ignite your creativity. You will be more calm, peaceful, and happy. You be will on your way to being your best at work and at home. You will know how to tap into your zone of genius.


Haven E. Carter

Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, MBA, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Energy Therapy Teacher & Master, Nia Black Belt

I was the Marketing Director on the team that introduced the first PlayStation, Sony’s most successful product launch in history. I launched several successful and unsuccessful products at Sega of American which prepared me for Sony. And I played a part in the launches of several legendary products for LifeSavers.

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