Leading All 5 Generations in Today's Workforce

With the introduction of Gen Z, we now have 5 generations in the workforce with unique skills, attributes and attitudes. This humorous and interactive keynote will help audience members understand how each generation approaches work, projects and relationships including strategies and techniques for managing each generation. Participants will receive copies of the Generational Leadership Matrix - an easy-to-use tool for recruiting, training, managing and inspiring each generation.


Brian is a recognized expert in helping organizations lead the five different generations in today’s workforce, speaking and consulting with audiences worldwide.

His leadership experience began as a US Air Force pilot where he commanded 31 combat missions in Kosovo as well as transported the Presidential motorcade around the world.

Transitioning to civilian leadership, Brian led the Quality program for a division of GE Capital and Sales & Marketing at Genworth Financial. He’s since improved the leadership and customer experiences for his clients resulting in over $2 billion in new revenue.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics from the US Air Force Academy and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering from St. Mary’s University.

Brian Doyle
Doyle Leadership