Session Abstract

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™
Market Research and Analytics

Interview like a Pro for Market Discovery, Win-Loss, and More

Learn what it takes to interview like a pro, on the phone or in-person. We’ll walk through the key steps of preparing for interview-based research, then we’ll practice interviewing to get you over the jitters of performing your first interview.


Charles Topping

Principal Facilitator

Market-Driven Business

Charles Topping is a B2B Market Researcher, Founder of the Win-Loss Agency and Principal Facilitator of Market-Driven Business. Charles has built a reputation as a truth-teller in business. His approach cuts past opinions, bluster and fluff to get to the truth of the matter. Charles works closely with technology companies worldwide to defeat inside-out culture by reinforcing that today’s decision-making requires objective insights sourced from real conversations with real customers. Charles is based in Toronto, Canada.

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