Session Abstract

2018 Spring Conference
Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Can Improve Your Product Experience

Learn to improve collaboration and the ability to make data driven decisions throughout the process of definition, design, and development. Otherwise, you run the risk of building features, rather than experiences, that resonate with your users/customers. You also continue to cultivate a siloed culture where teams are not collaborative or innovative. 

You will learn how to support the ability to create innovative products and solutions for users and to validate solution concepts early and often. You will learn the major components of the process and what’s necessary for success. 

This presentation will improve the articulation of the products and solutions for users, by framing the deliverables around the things people value. You will also have a better understanding of what inputs and activities are necessary to improve the overall solution outcomes.


Kenya F. Odour

Doctorate Human Factors Psychology, Pragmatic Marketing Certified, CPO, CSM

Lean Geeks

I partner with organizations by educating them on Design Thinking practices. I also work with individuals in the Business, User Experience, and Engineering teams on the execution of Design Thinking practices. I perform user research and ideation activities with teams and staff individuals with user research and design capabilities.

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