Hidden Figures in AI: Uncovering Bias and Black Box aspects of AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly influencing our society and our behavior. One of the challenges with the machine learning algorithms (used in AI applications) is the over-representation of biased data -, especially around gender, racial profiles, and ethnic backgrounds.AI product managers also need to evaluate bias and consider the ethical implications of AI-powered applications. Is the data gathered representative and diverse enough? Is there data in the data-set which can introduce unwanted and unethical biases, like race or gender? This talk will focus on the bias - it’s impact, detection, and mitigation strategies. It offers technology, and industry product managers a set of recommendations, best practices, as well as consumer-focused techniques -all of which will promote the fair and ethical deployment of AI.


Swathi Young is an international keynote speaker, blogger, community-builder and Chief Technology Officer of Integrity Management Services Inc., a healthcare services company, where she is leading innovative AI products. In her 20+ years of technology experience, she has launched multiple technology products globally - Belgium, India and the United States across a number of Fortune 100 companies like GE and Oracle. She is the Washington DC Ambassador for Women in AI. She is also the founder of DC Emerging technologies, a 3000 member strong community in Washington DC. She recently co-authored the AI Playbook - a framework of implementing AI solutions for Federal agencies.

Swathi Young
Chief Technology Officer
Integrity Management Services, Inc