GRANTASMS! How to Have Winning Icebreakers with Twisted Words

GRANTASMS are twisted words with genuine stories for fantastic connections -- memory connections, social connections, creative connections. They turn distractions into directions, anxiety into creativity, and strangers into friends.

This session is DEFINITELY for you IF...

You often think to yourself, “I wish I had a word for that!”

…and you could use some help with communicating better -- stories, conversations, giving and following directions -- professionally and personally, and everywhere in between.

You crave more fun, genuine, and meaningful relationships…

…and would like to have some easy ways to “break the ice.”

You could use a helping hand
... to relieve some of your anxiety and awkwardness, and...
…you get distracted easily.


Grantus Crowellius, Great Grantasmo, Twisted Wordsmith, Social Stylist, Tipper of Sacred Cows, Shit Maker-Upper, and Best Morning Coffee Maker.

Grant is man of many tipsy hats: virtual event coordinator for a global tech enterprise, three-time social media manager on both the agency and brand side, an event coordinator for live video broadcasts worldwide, a past YouTube channel manager for Fortune 100 enterprises, a former professional editorial cartoonist and talk radio host, comedy club staffer, and a dabbler in documentary film production. His prior publishing experiences include serving as researcher and editor for the book, "Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social.”

Grant Crowell
Twisted Wordsmith
GC Interactive