Driving Product Value with Systematic Innovation

You will gain access to the discipline and mindset of systematic innovation, boosting your competitiveness in a fast-moving, global economy. You will learn how to discover un-exploited opportunities and identify opportunities for more disruptive product / service innovation. You will learn how to collaborate more effectively with inter-disciplinary practitioners and focus on real-world customer needs. You will become equipped to promote adoption of a more systematic approach to innovation in your organization.


David Quimby is a principal at Innovation Radiation, where he practices systematic innovation, experimental design, and technology forecasting. He is a patented inventor in Web architecture and user experience. He has presented on systematic innovation at professional communities in product development, systems engineering, customer experience. He assisted an array of U.S. and international clients with environmental scanning and technology forecasting at Stanford Research Institute. He is a co-founder of Minnesota Change Management Network. Quimby earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics and developmental economics at UCLA and a master’s degree in organizational behavior and socio-technical systems at UC / Berkeley.

David Quimby
Innovation Radiation