Design Jams to build better product experiences

Great products have 2 things in common: They fit the user's needs like a glove and they are delightful to use. These products don't happen by chance and are definitely not built in silos. They are the result of the collaboration between product, design, engineering and support folks. Design Jams are an easy way to achieve that in a very short duration.


Madhavi has over 20 years of experience in the world of software products. She is passionate about all things design. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Hardware Engineering. Her journey into the world of design started in college when she took Industrial Design classes for her minor. Her unique background in engineering and love for design helps her apply Design Thinking principles to both hardware and software. She worked in the RTP area in hardware/software companies and SaaS software companies. Enterprise software used to be the last in terms of usability. Madhavi focuses on the unique challenges of this space in SaaS as the Director of User Experience. Democratizing design and making it available for everyone is her passion.

Madhavi Sarabu
Director of User Experience
Dude Solutions