Cognitive Biases That Hold Us Back in Product Management

Understand the common biases that often cloud the feedback we receive from customers and the decisions we make about our products. We ask questions the wrong way, we are blinded by our own experiences, and we search for data simply to validate our existing beliefs. These are all ways that biases get in our way in product management. We'll talk about these biases and some ways to avoid them.


JJ Rorie is a thought-leader and practitioner who has spent her career helping companies optimize their product management and marketing functions. She is currently Vice President at Sequent Learning Networks. JJ has spent 15+ years in various leadership roles in the financial services, telecommunications and healthcare industries for companies such as First Data, T-Mobile and American Hospital Association. JJ is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founding a healthcare technology company as well as a product development and talent management consultancy.

JJ Rorie
Vice President
Sequent Learning Networks