Session Abstract

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™
Career Development

Advancing your Career: Coaching/Mentorship Matters to both Mentors and Mentees

Whether your career is impressive and you're the rockstar in the community, or if you're trying to get into a product role, mentorship and coaching should be part of everyone's career growth toolbelt. 

Learning never ends, and it goes both ways. These coaches and mentors have discovered the power coaching and mentorship can have on others, including themselves. Being a coach or mentor helps them also grow and become better product leaders. 

This panel will be hosted by Mark Stephan (Coach, Entrepreneur, VP Product @ ProductHired) with panelists:

  • Dan Corbin (Coach, Teacher, Prin. PdM @ HEB), 

  • Cindy Brummer (Coach, Teacher, Creative Dir. @ Standard Beagle Studio), and 

  • Isaiah McPeak (Coach, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at Pinwheel – Head of Design and Marketing).


Mark Stephan

VP, Product


Mark Stephan, a seasoned Product Leader, Start-up Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur, has worked at hyper growth start-ups and is currently VP of Product for ProductHired, VP of Product at Kredya, and Director of the Knowledge Program for Barracuda FX. Yes, that’s three companies. He is a serial entrepreneur and launched several products, learning from both success and failures. He advises, invests in, and is on the board of several start-ups around the world, from Silicon Valley to Istanbul, Turkey.

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