21st Century Leadership

Leaders today are pushed to make decisions at an unprecedented pace. Technology constantly delivers new information, updated customer and employee needs and demands, and changing market conditions. Everything seems to move at the speed of light.
This is exactly why in order to be successful, 21st Century Leaders must slow down and create space to actively respond and create rather than react.
21st Century Leadership requires skillful means to keep the long-term ideals in the forefront when the competition is constantly reacting in the near-term. Having your team’s values aligned with your business’ mission, strategies, and goals and consistently communicating them with your whole team and modeling them for your team and community ensures success now and in the future.
In this session, participants will:
* learn the 7 skillful means to sustain their energy, build resilience, and increase their EQ
* engage and play with tools that they can begin using and teaching their teams to strengthen communications and enhance relationships
* discover resources to increase focus, productivity, and innovation
* and more


Haven has over 25 years in corporate marketing and business development for Fortune 50 and 100 companies. She was a key player in the first Sony PlayStation’s US introduction – Sony’s most successful product launch in history – and was responsible for bringing to market the first 6-button controller for Sega of America, a revolution in the gaming industry.

Haven’s passion has always been helping people live their best lives. She stepped fully into that role 9 years ago first teaching a conscious movement practice, Nia, then added mindfulness and meditation 7 years ago, and incorporated executive coaching 5 years ago.

She coaches 1-on-1 and teaches in groups the 7 Behaviors Needed for Leaders in the 21st Century. Everyone is a leader!

Haven E Carter
Executive Coach, Speaker, Coach