12th Annual

Fall Conference

Saturday, September 19, 2020

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

North Carolina State University

Hunt Library, Duke Energy Hall

1070 Partners Way | Raleigh, NC

The Data All Around Us


Calling all entrepreneurs, product and marketing leaders, technologists, UXers and data scientists.


For this year’s Fall event, we’re bringing it back to our roots with an "un-conference" focused on the role of data in our lives as problem-solvers, business builders and market-creators:  "The Data All Around Us."


From market research to IoT, user adoption to supply chain analytics -- data informs what we do, enables what we build, optimizes how we deliver and steers the direction of business.


But what data? How much? From where? And when? And who owns it?


This unconference-style event will give you the chance to define the agenda for the day, based on the questions and topics that are relevant to you now, while networking with professionals facing the same challenges and pursuing the same opportunities as you.

Quick Links

Keynote with Tom Snyder of RIoT

Surfing in the Data Economy


Technology advances occur all the time, wave after wave.  But occasionally several key technology advances happen all at the same time, creating a tidal wave of change.  


This talk informs what you need to know about how technology is changing markets and customer expectations.  It sifts tech hype from tech reality and prepares you to wow customers in the Data Economy.  Catch the wave.

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Volunteers Needed

If you can help us make plans, or lend a hand during our Fall 2020 event, sign up here.