NC Moonshot Topics

The goal is clear. How we get there is up to us.

On September 25, RTP product innovators and creative minds will help solve some of the greatest challenges facing our state, as identified by the NC Big Ideas challenge. These issues are waiting to be presented, dissected, and reinvented by our product community... that's YOU!

Participants were invited to vote on the most interesting topics to address at the conference. See the results below.

NC Moonshot Topics (in descending order by attendee votes)

  1. Jobs of Tomorrow - how do we prepare?

  2. Paying for Healthcare

  3. Expanding Clean Energy / Clean Tech

  4. Skilled Trade Crisis / Vocational & Technical Education Rebirth

  5. Leveraging Broadband*

  6. Mental Health

  7. Economic Mobility: ability of citizens to move up from one income level to another over the course of their lifetimes.

  8. Precision Health - a big-data approach to disease prevention and detection

  9. Cyber Security (not an NC Big Ideas topic, but a critical issue that affects many of us)

  10. Bridging Urban & Rural: addressing rural challenges of aging work forces, infrastructure deficits, financial shortfalls

  11. Water Resources & Infrastructure Challenges

  12. Agriculture - opportunities to grow communities through local food

  13. Transportation Infrastructure Improvement

* Topic inadvertently omitted from voting; rank is an estimate.

Are you, or someone you know, a thought leader or subject matter expert in any of these fields?

We'll need table leads to help us understand the challenges, what's been tried before, and the barriers that prevent us from accomplishing our mission.