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Prize winners

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Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing course; Product Management Office Professional Toolkit
Kellie White,
Mark Hardy.

Book Winners: Crystal Ayco, Karen Ayotte, Mike Boudreaux, Diane Bowman, Diane Bowman, Clay Elrod, Blake Fisher, Jessica Gerard, Insley Haciski, Deana Hall, Mark Hardy, Henry Leibowitz, Sharon Mendoza, Sharon Mendoza, Dan Mishra, Sofia Mylona, Michelle Nacker, Satyam Patel, Dhaval Patel, Mitchell Robinson, Swapnil Shah, Charlie Smiley, Jason Stengren, Mark Stephan, Inna Stetsiak, Sarvesh Thakur, Tiff Ting, Kellie White, Jeff Williams
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Design Thinking workshop; a copy of INSPIRED by Marty Cagan
Mike Boudreax,
Kelly F Walton,
Lisa Michaud,
Faith Peterson
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Product, data science, and design classes
Amber Hansford,
Eugene Barlaz,
Dan Mishra
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22 product coaching sessions
Lisa Michaud, Ana Gonzalez, Marc Louis-Charles, Eugene Barlaz, Aneesa Nadel, Anan Cheng, Visnja Vugrinec, Lesli Barrett, Michelle Dadighat , Amit N, Charlie Smiley, Jerry Odenwelder, Noah Megregian, Jason Stengen, Jonathan Barnes, Faith Peterson, Josh Bob
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Training workshops and books
Michelle Nacker, Swapnil Shah, Tiff Ting, Dr. Sofia Mylona, Insley Haciski, Mahesh Addagarla
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Private Design Thinking Workshop, testable concept drawings
Dwight Mouton,
Chuck Blevins

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