Best Practices for Product Roadmaps

Jeff Lash

VP, Product Management Research


How will this topic help us?

This session will help product managers better structure their roadmaps to ensure that audiences understand them and the roadmaps achieve their desired objectives.

What is at stake if we don't know what you're going to present?

Roadmaps are key deliverables for product managers. They are used to lay out the future plans for a product and to communicate that plan to internal and external audiences. Unfortunately, many product managers struggle with roadmaps because they don’t understand the various ways roadmaps can be used. Without an effective roadmap, a great product strategy will not be supported internally by other functions or understood by external parties. No matter how great a product plan is, it will not succeed if it isn’t properly articulated, documented and communicated.

What are the key things we should know about your topic?

In this session, we’ll provide best practices for product managers for product managers to follow for creating and communicating product roadmaps.

If we attend your presentation, what will we be able to do better?

After this session, you will be able to evaluate your roadmap and identify ways to improve how it's documented, communicated and presented to get better feedback from key external audiences, improve stakeholder buy-in, and look good in front of senior leadership.

What is one REALLY EASY thing we can do immediately to get results and build momentum?

Once simple takeaway is to think about the audience for your roadmap, and there is likely not one single universal "view" of the roadmap that will be appropriate for all audiences and purposes.

About the presenter.

Jeff Lash is VP and Group Director, Product Management Research at Forrester. He and his team help product management leaders create world-class organizations and elevate the abilities and expertise of their teams to drive measurable and repeatable product success and business growth. He has 15+ years of experience in product management, product marketing, user experience and product development. Since 2006, Jeff has authored the popular blog How To Be a Good Product Manager ( Jeff is on Twitter as @jefflash.

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